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I draw a lot of OCs. I also sing.

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tried to draw Minty’s new OC, is so fun to color her hair///

/strokes saru art ehehehe thank you//////


,asmadjkhf I only saw DA very late last night so I’m once again late with a (lame)present T_T 

Happy Birthday Minty!

I’m sorry for butchering Kai forgive me I’ll do better I swear

AHHHH TALY!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU!!! <33333 ehehe I’m swooning hard looking into his eyes///////

I know we didn’t get many chances to talk last year but I hope we’ll be able to talk more this year! <3

riaruu asked: Happy Birthday Minty!! you've always been and will always be my inspirtation ; v ; <33

Aww thank you very much! ;v;

psyalera asked: Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you! ;v;

kyuuseii asked: Happy birthday senpai! Have a great one~

Ahhhh thank you! <333

r-i-n-r-i-n asked: Happy birthday!

Thank you! ////

hiyori-asahina asked: happy birthday minty!!

Thank you! <3

haiyun asked: happy birthday~!! (at least that's what da tells me;;;) hope you have a good day~~

Thank you! <3

Updated my avatar design! Now available in 4 flavors /o/

Anonymous asked: Hi ^_^, i was wondering do you have any tips for studying/understanding anatomy?(i feel as if i over-think it). Thank you in advance and have a wonderful Holiday/Christmas <3

Ahaha I’m probably not the right person to ask this sort of thing but here are a few things I keep in mind when I draw:

  • Even when you’re drawing 2D people you still have to imagine them in 3D space, especially when you’re using foreshortening. Try the coil technique if you’re struggling with this: 
  • Don’t forget about how clothing wraps around the body! A slight difference in drawing how a sleeve rests on an arm makes a huge difference on how round the arm appears.
  • Keep in mind your head-body ratio. Apparently full-grown adults are about 7-8 heads tall, and the younger they are the smaller this ratio becomes. Most of my characters fall within the 6 1/2-8 1/2 head range but then again I draw noodle people
  • When observing figures, disregard the outlines at first and look for the skeleton instead, then build outward. As an exercise: find any photo of someone doing a strong action (like sports), then basically draw them as a stick figure: image
    From there you should start using boxes to bring your stick figure into 3D space. 
  • Proportions: they vary quite a bit between people, especially when you’re still growing. Elbows hit below the rib cage, tips of your fingers at rest hit around halfway down your thigh. Men generally have longer torsos than women. Feet are bigger than you think they are (or so my drawing teacher says… length of your foot=length of your head). Making observations about these little proportional things can then allow you to exaggerate sizes and shapes of certain features to achieve a certain effect (androgyny, creepiness, beauty, etc). Clothing can also help enhance/hide these features.
  • Remember that fat is distributed differently in people!

Ah… I’m really out of practice but I hope this helps a bit…! I also have an anatomy tag on my resource tumblr which is in desperate need of updating but it’s there /o/

Anonymous asked: hi! i'm sorry if this bothers you but could you please upload/send the link where you got the triangle texture for your megane art work? ;; i have already tried the tags but i cant find it >< sorry for the bother again!!

here it is.

It’s that time of the year again. I didn’t improve a whole lot in 2013 but I have a better grasp on what I want from my style so I’m not too unhappy!

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Joined a collaboration with Osashimi Tengoku !!
Members: Kura, Ciel, Minty, Yuro, Anba !!!
It became pretty cool *wriggles eyebrows* It’s Kemuuu!! Definitely take a look !!! 

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Sang niki’s GLIDE for Lucy (LucyHasYou on YT) for Youtaite Secret Santa!